Not a model - a mom

To me, boudoir is an incredibly rewarding genre of photography. That’s because I get to show you that you’re beautiful. Your partner or your friends might tell you that you’re beautiful - they might compliment your legs or your butt or tell you how slim your tummy looks - but it’s all too easy to downplay those compliments. “Thanks, I’m really trying to lose those last few pounds,” or “gosh I just ate so much while I was on vacation.”

Boudoir takes away your ability to be critical of yourself. It shows you that you don’t need to “work on it”; you’re already amazingly beautiful, and you deserve to embrace it!

This recent photo shoot was one of my favorites. You could be forgiven for thinking this stunning woman is a professional model, but she’s just an everyday, hardworking mother of three who walked into the studio having never been coached on posing. At one point in the shoot, she asked to take a peek at a photo on the camera screen. When I showed it to her, her face lit up and she said “Oh my god.” If she takes anything away from her boudoir experience, I hope it’s the recognition that she is a ten. She doesn’t have a “perfect” body (whatever that’s supposed to be), and that’s exactly what makes it worth celebrating.

Enjoy a few select highlights from her shoot! When you’re in the Tulsa area and you’re ready for your own boudoir experience, contact me. I’d love to show you that you’re a stunner, too!