It's Fall - let's do a photo shoot outdoors!

Boudoir is generally characterized by intimate settings — a bedroom, a powder room, or any indoor space with soft light that accentuates a woman’s natural beauty.

But now that the weather is finally cooling off, here’s another idea — try shooting outdoors! A serene natural setting can be the perfect backdrop to your shoot. Best of all, since there isn’t any need to coordinate a time spot with a studio, it’s easy to do these types of shoots on relatively short notice.

The location can be just about anywhere. Most clients prefer to pick some place reasonably quiet and private, where they won’t be disturbed by passers-by. This can be a public park, or even your back yard. If you’d like to do one of these shoots, now is the time to book! October and November are really the best times in Oklahoma to get outside and shoot — once December rolls in, the weather can get pretty chilly. I have limited space for outdoor shoots over the next couple of months, so contact me asap and let’s get you booked!

In the meantime, here are some sample outdoor photos from Ayla: