Five reasons you should purchase an album with your boudoir session

We live in a digital age. Most of our photos are just digital files for us to share on social media, send to family via email, or keep stashed away on a hard drive for years and years. We’ve been doing it this way for long enough that the tried and true beauty of physical prints has fallen a bit by the wayside.

In a boudoir session, an album is the single most expensive item you can purchase. It’s also the purchase that will give you the greatest value - a gift to yourself or your significant other that will last a lifetime. If you’re on the fence about whether you should plan on springing for an album, here are five reasons why you should.

1. Digital photos get lost

Hard drives fail. Social media accounts get deleted. Sometimes, beautiful photos just get stashed away in a folder somewhere on your hard drive, and you forget they’re there when you’re upgrading your computer. While I think it’s a good idea to have digitals (I offer a discount for purchasing all the edited digitals from your photo shoot), they are all too easy to lose or forget about.

2. Prints look a lot better

The quality of digital photos is dependent on the quality of your computer screen. If you’re mostly looking at photos on your phone, you’ll never see the rich color and detail that’s really there. If you’re looking at your photos on a full-sized computer monitor, you still won’t see them in their true beauty unless it is a very high-quality, large, and color-calibrated monitor for professional use. And even then, there is a distinct beauty that only the texture of quality printing can convey.

3. An album is a special gift

Whether your boudoir shoot is a gift to yourself or a significant other, digital photos on a tiny phone or computer screen can’t capture the real-life beauty of your photos. You album will arrive in a beautiful display box (even without the optional, cover-matching display box) with care instructions. The cover is customizable with a range of colors and materials - including a variety of premium leathers - and may be monogrammed. That’s certainly much more special than a folder of digital files.

4. Your album is private

Digital photos can be stolen and distributed without your permission - sometimes with a mistake as simple as forgetting to edit your privacy settings on Facebook. An album is a keepsake that you can store in a private, secure place - ensuring that only the people who see them are people who you want to show them to.

5. An album will last generations

I use only premium matte paper and archival ink that will not fade, yellow, smear, or collect dirt and oil. Stored properly, your album will last a lifetime and beyond as a timeless capture of your beauty.