A few things you can wear to your boudoir shoot that aren't lingerie

Boudoir is naturally associate with lingerie, and lingerie can look amazing. But let’s be real - not all women are into the look of lingerie, or they would prefer to go with a look that fits their personality a bit more. That’s totally okay! There aren’t too many rules about what you can or can’t wear in a boudoir shoot; it should be intimate attire, certainly, but that can mean several things.

1. Your Calvins

Embrace your casual side with a simple set of casual cotton. No lace required.


2. A robe

Sometimes my clients bring ideas that turn out to be really special, and I think this look is beautiful. It’s sensual yet causal, concealing yet alluring. And of course a robe can come in countless styles and be paired with other garments - or none!


3. Your birthday suit

As a photographer, and particularly being a male who shoots primarily female subjects, I have a strict policy that I never ask my clients to shoot nude. I do, however, do implied nudity on request (“implied” simply means that the model is tastefully covered in the final photos).


4. Your sneakers

Nothing like combining boudoir with a little athletic wear. I mean, why not?


Ready to book your own shoot? Regardless of what you’re wearing, it’s a chance to feel truly comfortable in your own skin and celebrate your unique beauty.