Client spotlight: Tabi

Tabi booked her boudoir shoot about a month out. She wanted to a wear a bodysuit she’d seen at Frederick’s of Hollywood, and she ordered a size smaller than her usual size. In her mind, she was going to hit the gym really hard and drop a size in the month leading up to the shoot. How’d that go? Here’s what she said:

"So the back story to this bodysuit is I ordered it at first in a size I knew was too small so I’d be motivated to get down one more size. In the end I rebelled against my own goal and two day shipped my actual size and then got mad at myself for ordering the first one. I scheduled you a month out so I could drop a few pounds and an entire size. Looking back I feel stupid."


I talk a lot about body positivity and self-acceptance, because those are the things that drew me to boudoir. If I just wanted to photograph beautiful women, I could have gone into glamour or fitness photography; most of my clients would be professional models.

But my clients are not models; they’re ordinary women. They’re working professionals, moms, entrepreneurs — the kind of women you encounter every day. They don’t have ‘perfect’ bodies, and they don’t know how to pose. But that’s the fun part—boudoir is a chance for an everyday woman to feel like a professional model. Importantly, though, it’s a chance for a woman to embrace herself exactly as she is. I don’t alter my clients’ proportions with Photoshop, and I don’t cover up things like stretch marks. Instead of chasing unrealistic ideals, I want my clients to feel sexy and empowered in their own skin.

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