Client spotlight: Lisa

Lisa’s shoot was one of the more fun sessions I’ve done —she brought a friend who also wanted to do a shoot, and they traded spots (one would shoot while the other got ready). Lisa was enthusiastic, confident, and really enjoyed the posing.

I was surprised, then, when I showed her a photo from her session — a sneak peak of her full set — and she modified the photo herself with Photoshop. She used the program to alter her proportions.

Now, I pride myself on minimal retouching. I use an editing program called Capture One which allows me to color grade, correct exposure, adjust highlights and shadows, smooth skin tones, and remove minor blemishes. What it doesn’t do, that Photoshop does, is allow me to alter the proportions of my clients.

That’s really important, because to me boudoir is about embracing your natural beauty — not chasing some unattainable standard. My job is to show my clients that they’re already stunning.

I was happy, then, that Lisa didn’t alter her other photos. She said she felt silly for retouching her first photo. And she really didn’t need to — she looked absolutely amazing.


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