The art of posing

A boudoir shoot is like a lingerie shoot for the everyday woman - a day to feel like a model, to embrace her own natural beauty, and to feel comfortable and confident in her own skin.

I was recently told that my clients looked like they belonged in a beauty magazine. I thought that was a surprising statement, because I’ve never thought of the women I’ve worked with as embodying any kind of ideal. In fact, that’s really the point - all of my clients have their ‘flaws’ and insecurities. Boudoir isn’t about finding flawless women, but giving women a chance to embrace themselves fully - flaws and all.

A big part of what makes this possible is posing. My clients generally don’t have any experience posing, so it’s my job to coach them. I’ve spent countless hours studying the finer points of posing, and it’s the most fun and most challenging part of shooting boudoir. I want each photo shoot to look unique, so I try to avoid blindly copying poses from one client to the next; instead, I try to choose poses that will accentuate their body type and that fit their personality. It’s a constant learning process, and my goal above all else is to listen to my clients - because hearing their story, learning about what they love about their bodies, and helping them get just outside of their comfort zone is precisely what makes shooting boudoir so fun and rewarding.

So if you’ve never done a photo shoot before - especially a boudoir shoot - don’t worry! It’s my job to pose you in the most flattering way possible, so that you’ll treasure your photos for years to come.


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