Frequently asked questions

Why choose Michael Alan Boudoir?

Most boudoir photographers do boudoir on the side - they are wedding photographers, portrait photographers, or event photographers who only occasionally do boudoir. I photograph boudoir exclusively - it's my specialty. I devote a considerable amount of time and financial resources to continuing education and networking to continually hone my craft. I strive to create photographs my clients will treasure for a lifetime.

What is boudoir? Is it just pictures in lingerie?

Boudoir is much more than pictures in lingerie; it's a celebration of natural beauty and sensuality. Boudoir photography is artistic, intimate, and tasteful. My clients are not models; they are mothers, working professionals, brides-to-be, and women from all walks of life. Most have never done any posing or professional modeling, and they all leave with amazing photos!

I've never done anything like this before. Do I need modeling experience?

No. While sometimes I will work with professional models (usually as a trade-for-pictures arrangement), most boudoir clients are ordinary women without any professional modeling experience. I will guide you through every pose!

Is my body good enough for boudoir?

Boudoir is a celebration of your own natural beauty. You do not need a “perfect” body, and you don’t need to do weeks of cardio and dieting to “get ready” for your shoot; I believe boudoir is very much a come-as-you-are experience.

Can I bring a friend?

You're welcome to bring a friend to the shoot if it will help you feel more comfortable. Sometimes it's fun to have a cheerleader! It's very important though that your friend is respectful of your experience and doesn't distract you from your shoot.

What should I wear?

You should wear whatever you’re comfortable with — and at least one item that pushes you out of your comfort zone a bit. I recommend a variety of matching lingerie, and accessories such as pumps, corsets, slips, and teddies. The days prior to the shoot are the perfect time to do a little shopping, but there is no “dress code”; lingerie, sleep wear - anything that is comfortable and makes you feel sexy. In our consultation and in follow-up emails, I'll give you some ideas if you need them.

Will I have to pose nude?

As a policy, I never ask clients to take nude photographs of any kind. Tastefully covered partial or fully nude shots are popular in boudoir, but it’s entirely up the the client to request them.

What if I'm not comfortable showing off a certain part of my body?

My clients’ comfort and enjoyment of the experience is my highest priority. During the shoot, I’ll be guiding you step by step through a variety of poses; but if for any reason you are uncomfortable with a particular pose, you may simple say, “Can we do something else?” and we will move on to a different pose - no questions asked.

Will you share my photos?

I do not require clients to sign a model release, and I will never share your photos without your written permission. Your photos are yours and yours alone, if you wish. If you choose to sign a release that allows me to use your pictures on this website and on my business-related social media accounts, it helps to show my work and reach out to new clients. It is, however, completely optional and there is no pressure. Moreover, all your digital files from the shoot are secured on a password-protected online gallery, so you are in control of who sees your photos.

Do you provide professional hair and makeup?

Hair and/or makeup can be added to any session for a modest fee. I work with outstanding artists who can give you an amazing look! I don't include it by default, simply because many of my clients prefer to do their own hair and makeup (or go to their preferred professional), and because it can add a substantial wait time for your shoot.

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