Professional Models / TFP Guidelines

Are you an aspiring or established model in the Tulsa, Oklahoma region looking to expand your portfolio? I’d love to work with you. A trade-for-pics (tfp) arrangement can be a great way for both models and photographers to gain exposure. There are some important guidelines if you’re interested in doing a boudoir shoot as a tfp:

As a rule, I do not offer shoots for free. Camera and lighting equipment, studio time, editing software, and continuing education all represent a substantial financial investment for me. If I did a free shoot every time someone told me they are a model, I’d never make any money! However, depending on your experience and social following, I may be able to offer a substantial discount.

These are some questions that I consider when deciding what discounts to offer for a tfp arrangement:

  • Do you have experience modeling? In particular, are you experienced shooting boudoir?

  • Have you been published? Are you represented by a modeling agency?

  • Do you have a substantial social media presence with regular engagement from your followers?

I generally ask that aspiring models help cover the cost of studio time. The fee is negotiable based on experience and social engagement. I’ll also agree to a certain number of free or discounted edited digital photos; I do not offer model discounts for prints, albums, or wall art.

If this arrangement sounds fair to you and you’d like to discuss a tfp arrangement further, please use the following form to get in touch with me:

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Please include relevant details about your experience, including links to your portfolio and Facebook and/or Instagram accounts.