Michael is a boudoir photographer based in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Celebrate yourself.

You absolutely make people feel comfortable right off the bat. Total pro! Can’t wait to do it again.
— Lisa C.

Hi. I’m Michael. 

I’m a boudoir photographer based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In a world where we often downplay compliments and have trouble thinking we’re good enough, I believe that boudoir is an empowering opportunity to celebrate your own beauty and individuality. You don’t need to be confident—just a little brave. The challenge of boudoir is to embrace yourself just as you are!

Who is boudoir for?

For some women, boudoir is for a special occasion - a wedding, anniversary, or holiday gift for their significant other. For many other women, boudoir is simply a gift to themselves - an experience that changes their perception of themselves. I believe boudoir is best as a come-as-you-are experience. You don’t need to drop 5 pounds or lose a size to get ready for your shoot. Boudoir is about your natural beauty - not conforming to some impossible, digitally-altered standard. All of my photographs are minimally retouched to preserve my clients’ innate beauty and sensuality.

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